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Albemarle 268 XF - Jackshaft Power System (JPS)
Albemarle Jackshaft Power System (JPS) delivers a number of unique advantages that make it the clear choice for serious offshore fishermen. The engine is placed forward in the hull, lowering the boat's center of gravity and placing its center of buoyancy where it logically belongs - in the center of the boat - giving a significantly more stable and solid ride in rough seas (unlike outboards with several hundred pounds of engines hanging on the back of the boat). The lower center of gravity created by the JPS, combined with the counter-rotating props, also translates into unmatched reverse steering power, control and maneuverability when backing down on fast moving fish.   

Developed in partnership with Volvo Penta, one of the most trusted names in marine power systems, Albemarle has succeeded in perfecting a power system that is recognized by both hardcore fishermen and sophisticated boaters as one of the world's most efficient propulsion system.
Big game fishing Croatia - Albemarle - JPS

With the heavy Albemarle 268XF hull, the improved weight distribution of the JPS delivers a stable trolling ride and clean wake, excellent for bait presentation. Like the cockpits of larger sportfishing boats, the 268XF JPS configuration allows for the ultimate in a clean fish-fighting platform - free of obstructions that stand between you and the fish. The unobstructed transom also affords a substantial fishbox within easy reach In comparison to a traditional inboard, the JPS delivers a significantly increased ability to fish and navigate shallow water.

Different from a traditional inboard shaft with the downward angle, the JPS sterndrive's prop shaft is parallel to the water so that it smoothly and efficiently converts engine power into straight-line forward thrust. Duo-prop counter-rotating propellers put 60-70% more propeller surface in the water, virtually eliminating cavitation and vastly improving handling and maneuverability in both forward and reverse by eliminating torque steer. Counter-rotating props also help deliver up to 15% more thrust, 20% better acceleration, and up to 15% better fuel economy.
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