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Sport fishing, Big-game fishing, bluefin tuna fishing in Dalmatia, Mid Adriatic.

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Big Game Fishing in Croatia
If sports fishing is your passion, we invite you to experience the thrill of battling giant Bluefin tuna or some other huge Adriatic fish. In our offer we have fully equiped boats for Big Game Fishing that are available for skippered or bareboat charter. Big Game Fishing can be an exciting adventure indeed, especially for those who love sport fishing and for those wishing to spend active holidays. Big-game is one of the most interesting activities and one of the healthiest outdoor sports. The sun, the salt air, the cruise, the  breathtaking scenery of Croatian islands and the very thrill of fishing in the azure-blue Adriatic waters are incomparable. So come along and enjoy the experience of Big-game fishing in Croatia. Also, do not forget the camera! Imagine how you will impress and astound those around you with your photos of trophy fish.

Big Game Fishing - Skippered charter
To get the most out of your big game  fishing in Croatia, it is a good idea to hire a boat with local guide (skipper)  who can take you to the best fishing spots and who will learn you some secrets of big game fishing. All our skippers are highly experienced professionals with plenty of years of fishing experience in Croatian waters, and with a passion for the deep sea fishing. Read more...>>
Big Game Fishing - Bareboat charter
For experienced fishermen, fishing without a guide (skipper)  can be an attractive option.  In our fleet we have  Albemarle fishing boats - type  Albemarle 268 Express Fisherman, available for bareboat charter to experienced fishermen. Albemarle Boats are widely regarded as one of the finest sportfishing boats in the world. Read more...>>
Big game Croatia - Albemarle

Big Game fishing - Sport fishing Croatia - fishing area
The waters around the island of Zirje and Kornati archipelago offer some of the richest fishing grounds in the Croatia with an abundance of big game fish. This fisherman's paradise provide a diversity of fish species for year round sport fishing, such as bluefin tuna, albacore tuna, swordfish, tresher shark, blue shark, amberjacks, etc... This is not only the richest area for big game fishing in the Adriatic, but also the one closest to the shore. Read more...>>
Fighting the fish - Big Game Croatia
For many fishing enthusiasts Big-game fishing provides the ultimate challenge. You and your friends will feel the excitement, as your line tightens and adrenaline starts to flow. But the scream of the reel while mighty fish pulls out line is only the beginning of the battle that  requires a good deal of strength and endurance. Minutes seem like hours as the battle continues. The fight against a bluefin tuna or shark can last literraly for hours – hours of hard work before you reel the big fish alongside the boat.

However, the challenge does not end there. Hauling a big, heavy, powerful, and still very much alive fish on board the boat represents also considerable challenge. Yet, anyone who has ever done it would never forget this unique experience because there is nothing more rewarding for a fisherman than winning a battle against one of the the strongest and fastest sea's predators.

The Croatian coast attracts many large fish and has gained a reputation as one of the best sea fishing destinations in Europe. In the Adriatic sea there is a variety of marine life which includes large numbers of big-gamefish and many of them could be found relatively close to shore. Traveling time to our fishing grounds is generally only about one hour  and that means more fishing time for you. Our catches normally consist of bluefin tuna, albacore tuna, swordfish, tresher shark, blue shark, amberjacks and dorados. Little tunny and bonito fish are commonly caught as by-catch, especially during March and April , when they arrive in huge numbers in the inshore waters. Little tunnies in Adriatic grow to sizes up to 15 kg, with average size around 5 - 10 kilos. Read more...>>

The most valuable target species in Big Game in Croatia is the Bluefin tuna. The bluefin tuna is considered by many as the world's most powerful big game fish, and the toughest of all fish to fight and land.  They are prized among sport fishers for their fight and speed, shooting through the water with their powerful, crescent-shaped tails up to 43 miles (70 kilometers) per hour. Their torpedo-shaped, streamlined bodies are built for speed and endurance.
Tuna coin in Croatia - Big game fishing Croatia
The northern bluefin tuna is not only important big gamefish species, it is also an important commercial species. It is an interesting fact that bluefin tuna is depicted on  the reverse of the Croatian 2 kuna coin, showing importance of tuna fishing in Croatia. The inscription "TUNJ" (lat. THUNNUS THYNNUS") is displayed in the upper semi-circle along the edge of the coin. To read more about fisheries in Croatia, tuna fishing tradition and tuna farming in Adriatic click here.