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Catamaran Bali 4.5 - Bali catamarans charter

BALI 4.5

BALI 4.5 Open Space - Catamaran Rental


The Catana Group, led by Olivier Poncin, has decided to produce a catamaran that will appeal not only to the usual clientele of people with high expectations who are used to luxury catamarans, but also to all other boaters. Due to the high level of technology and construction solutions and state-of-the-art materials, luxury Catana catamarans are usually expensive and inaccessible to the average boater. On the 30th anniversary of the Catana Group, following Olivier Poncin's vision, the designers constructed the Bali 4.5 catamaran, which immediately attracted the attention of the marine market both in terms of price, comfort and design, as well as exceptional performance.



BALI 4.5 - DESIGN CONCEPT (Click on photos to enlarge)

Olivier Poncin and designer Xavier Fay envisioned a catamaran with an "open space" concept. To achieve this, they removed the trampolines, expanded the forward cockpit to add seating and sunbathing areas on the bow deck, and then added large vertically sliding windows between the salon and bow cockpit, as well as a large sliding door to the aft cockpit and a window connecting the salon kitchen to the stern cockpit. This expanded the living space from bow to stern, literally from one end of the catamaran to the other, forming a unique, uninterrupted space, whole on one level, with natural air circulation throughout the catamaran. Guests on board are always connected without ever feeling cramped, as is the case in small, separate spaces. This concept of "open space" impresses guests the most when they step onto the deck of Bali 4.5 for the first time. This feature is truly impressive and makes this 45-foot catamaran look much more spacious than competing catamarans of similar size.

In the pictures below you can see the open connected space from stern to bow - the bow cockpit, the salon connected to both cockpits, the aft cockpit and the wide side deck.


To create a flat open deck with no obstructions, Catana's designers created a very rigid and strong stern platform and bridge deck, with minimal bending between the hulls. The forward deck is not just a flat piece of deck connecting the hulls, but part of the bow with a box section housing the bow cockpit. This added significantly to the rigidity of the front of the catamaran and gave it additional buoyancy when diving on waves. The integrated bowsprit further strengthens the forward part of the catamaran.

Thus, Catana completely removed the trampolines and allowed a stronger and more rigid platform. This was made possible by modern technology and super light and strong construction materials that significantly reduced the weight of the installed structure.

The bottom of the front deck between the hulls has a pronounced angle (see figure below) that leads to the front or cross beam. The shape, buoyancy and structure of the bow cockpit give the catamaran a tendency to rise out of the water instead of digging into the waves, as is the case with catamarans that have trampolines, when they plunge the bow over rough seas. The trampoline-free design also prevents the sea from spraying the bow in rough seas, thanks to the shape of the underside of the front cockpit.

Charter base Marina Šibenik

Catamaran Bali 4.5 for rent from Sibenik

Catamaran Basli 4.5 in charter base Sibenik

Front rigid deck with slanted bottom

Bali catamaran rental from Kastela

Catamaran Bali 4.5 in Split

Bali 4.5 Open Space - Charter base Split, Dalmatia

Aft platform


Thanks to the very high freeboard, i.e. the distance of the deck from the waterline, the Bali 4.5 catamaran has a very smooth ride with minimal waves hitting the central part of the front deck. This is another outstanding feature that distinguishes Bali 4.5 from other catamarans.


Rent a Bali 4.5

Bali 4.5 - catamaran charter

Sailing catamaran Bali 4.5 - HIGH FREEBOARD

On the picture you can compare the deck height of the catamaran Leopard 44 and the catamaran Bali 4.5, which are similar in length. As you can see from the picture, the Basli 4.5 catamaran has a higher than average deck height (freeboard), thanks to which it behaves well in rough seas, big waves and strong winds.

BALI 4.5 - Vertical sliding windows

Bali 4.5 - galley in the salon

The fully retractable window makes it easy to serve meals

Kitchen in the salon - Bali 4.5, catamaran hire

Vertical sliding window between the kitchen and the aft cockpit

Bali 4.5 - forward cockpit

The sliding window provides excellent natural ventilation of the salon

The window between the saloon and the bow cockpit

Vertical sliding window between the saloon and the bow cockpit

Catamaran Bali 4.5 - Layout

BALI 4.5 LAYOUT - Click on images to enlarge

Bali 4.5 - enjoy the best a cruise has to offer

Bali 4.5 - excellent outdoor and indoor living space: 4 + 2 cabins (up to 12 beds) and 4 toilets. Sunbathing area on the bow deck: 18 m2

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