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SAS Vektor Adriana 44 - Eksterior

Photo gallery - external view

Adriana 44 Exterior: Adriana 44 overall design is inspired by traditional „lobster boat” from New England. Classical look and spirit of an original is completed by teak-laid cockpit and magic of wood abundantly used in both exterior and interior. Although appearance of this yacht returns to classical roots, Adriana´s hull is built according to the latest technology with use of the newest composite materials. Fiber-glass hull made by hands includes coat of isophthalic white gelcoat and isophthalic polyester resin. Deck of Adriana 44 is made in sandwich technology with expanding PVC. Hull is strengthened with longitudinal and transversal frames.

The sea keeping of this vessel is just fantastic. Progressive V-hull with propulsion tunnels together with powerful engines ensure sound cruising speed and large cruising range. All that qualities should provide a crew with complete taste of freedom, absolute safety and pure pleasure.

If you charter this stylish, first-class yacht with traditional look and classic lines, which is at the same time modern, and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, you will surely be delighted with your charter holiday in Croatia. 

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