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Catamaran charter fleet

Nautilus Yachting has in offer most prestigious sailing and power catamarans brands like Lagoon, Catana (BALI Catamarans) and Fountaine Pajot. With all the latest water toys, trampolines and easy access to the shore, luxurious and modern style, high level of comfort and wide berths in spacious cabins it is no wonder that catamarans are so popular among those exploring Croatian islands and coastline.

Bareboat catamaran charter

If you have enough experience and valid boat license book a bareboat catamaran to enjoy the ultimate freedom of exploring Croatian islands, secret coves, or untouched beaches framed by blue skies and pine trees. Once you know you're going to go bareboat, just send us enquire and we will recommend the best yachts suited to your preferences and suggest some interesting bareboat itineraries.

Crewed catamaran charter

A crewed catamaran charter holiday will provide ultimate relaxation and impeccable service to you and your friends and family. Just sit back and relax as professional crew take care of you and your guests while you explore the Adriatic sea. Our skippers will happily show you the best destinations and teach you all about catamaran sailing. You can hire a skipper, but also hostess and a cook.

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Sailing catamarans

Hire catamaran in Croatia - Lagoon 40

Catamaran Lagoon 40  

Length: 11.74 m
Beam: 6.76 m
Berths: 8+2+2
Cabins: 4+2

Catamaran Charter in Croatia - Lagoon 42

Catamaran Lagoon 42 

Length: 12.80 m
Beam: 7.70 m
Berths: 8+2/ 8+2+2
Cabins: 4+2

Lagoon 450 Catamaran - Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Catamaran Lagoon 450 F 

Length: 13.96 m
Beam: 7.84 m
Berths: 8+2+2
Cabins: 4+2

Lagoon 46 - Sailing catamaran charter

Catamaran Lagoon 46

Length: 13.99 m
Beam: 7.96 m
Berths: 8+2/ 8+2+2
Cabins: 4+2

Lagoon 50 - Luxury catamaran charter

Catamaran Lagoon 50  

Length: 14.75 m
Beam: 8.10 m
Berths: 12+2/ 8+3
Cabins: 6+1/ 5+2

Lagoon 51 - Luxury Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Catamaran Lagoon 51

Length: 15.35 m
Beam: 8.10 m
Berths: up to 14
Cabins: 6+1/ 4+1

Lagoon 52 - Luxury catamaran charter

Catamaran Lagoon 52  

Length: 15.84 m
Beam: 8.74 m
Berths: from 10 till 12
Cabins: 5+2/ 6+1

Lagoon 55 - Luxury catamaran charter

Catamaran Lagoon 55  

Length: 16.56 m
Beam: 9.00 m
Berths: from 8 to 10 + crew
Cabins: 4+crew / 5+crew

Bali Catspace

Catamaran Bali Catspace

Length: 12.31 m
Beam: 6.56 m
Berths: 8+2
Cabins: 4

Bali 4.1 - Rental of Bali catamaran in Croatia

Catamaran Bali 4.1

Length: 12.35 m
Beam: 6.72 m
Berths: 8+2/ 8+2+1
Cabins: 4/ 4+1

Bali 4.2 - Sailing catamaran charter in Croatia

Catamaran Bali 4.2

Length: 12.85 m
Beam: 7.08 m
Berths: 8+3/ 8+2/ 8+1
Cabins: 4+2 /4+1

Catamaran Charter Croatia - Bali 4.4

Catamaran Bali 4.4

Length: 13.50 m
Beam: 7.40 m
Berths: up to 11
Cabins: 4+1/ 4+2

Bali 4.6 - Catamaran Charter Croatia

Catamaran Bali 4.6

Length: 14.28 m
Beam: 7.66 m
Berths: 10+2/ 10+1/ 8+3
Cabins: 5+2/ 5+1/ 4+1

Bali 4.8 - Charter Croatia

Catamaran Bali 4.8

Length: 14.82 m
Beam: 7.88 m
Berths: 12/ 12+1
Cabins: 6/ 6+1/ 5+2

Rent Astrea 42 - Fountaine Pajot catamaran charter in Croatia

Catamaran Astrea 42  

Length: 12.58 m
Beam: 7.20 m
Berths: 8+1+2
Cabins: 4+2



Motor catamarans

BALI 4.3 MY  

Power catamarans are becoming more and more popular in Croatia. Their comfort and speed with low fuel consumption makes them a perfect choice for a cruise. The power cat BALI 4.3 incorporates the best features of a motor yacht and combines it with the traditionally good characteristics of Bali sailing catamarans.

| Length: 12.70 m | Beam: 7.12 m | Cabins: 4+1 | Berths: 8+1+1 |

Why are power catamarans so popular?

Advantages of power catamarans

  • Much more space than on monohulls of the same length
  • Comfortable maneuvering - 2 seperate engines, each on each hull gives absolute comfort in maneuvering in narrow marinas.
  • Fuel economy, long distance range - Catamarans hulls are more efficient than mono-hulls, requiring less power to maintain equivalent cruising speed.
  • Stability, rough water performance and incredibly smooth ride
  • Shallow draft

A recent development in catamaran design has been the introduction of the power catamarans. In popular sailing destinations we can see more and more power catamarans. Why are they getting such popularity? What are the advantages of multihulls?  Why power catamarans are superior to mono-hull powerboats of the same length and even to much longer monohulls? We will try to answer all these questions by comparing power catamaran Lagoon Power 44 with a monohull motor yacht of similar length and then comparing it with a motor yacht twice as long. See the links below:

Compare performance of Lagoon Power 44 with performance of monohull power boat of similar length Regal Commodore 4260

Catamaran Lagoon Power 44 vs  two times longer monohull Super Yacht Azimut 85  - compare accommodation and performance



Lagoon cats - Charter Croatia

It is easy to sum up Lagoon's philosophy in three words: elegance, conviviality, safety. Continuity between interior and exterior, direct and indirect lighting, ergonomics, harmonious proportions, warm atmosphere and spaciousness, Lagoons yachts were the first to value the lifestyle on board a catamaran. Today, they remain a reference and and it is not surprising that Lagoon catamarans are most popular catamarans for charter in Croatia. All Lagoon catamarans conform to EEC standards, in terms of catamaran unsinkability, even exceeding those standards on numerous levels.



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