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Book now and get up to 28% last minute discount on sailboat charter weeks in August, Season 2021

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Last minute offer - Sailing boat charter in Croatia

We have last minute offer with some top charter deals for you. In the table below you can see the last minute price list. Please keep in mind that boat booking availability changes very often and that many of the last minute charter weeks are already under option. Contact us now and check the availability of your sailing boat. Use the advantage of great charter prices and huge discounts for your sailing holiday in Croatia. We will answer promptly.

Instructions on how to quickly find a yacht that best suits your needs, i.e. how to filter only certain rows from the table using SEARCH BOX can be found below the table. – CLICK HERE

Prices are in € / week, VAT is in the price included. In this Last minute offer we offer you the following brands of sailing boats: Bavaria, Hanse, Elan...

Last minute price list - Sailboats 2021 Table

ID Start Date Yacht Discount Year Charter base Berths Cabins WC/Shower Full Price Discount Eur Final Price
1 Jul-31 Bavaria Cruiser 51 -4% 2020 Biograd 11 (10+1) 5 3 6,250 € -250 € 6,000 €
2 Aug-14 Hanse 588 -28% 2020 Kastela 12 (10+2) 5+1 4 10,220 € -2,862 € 7,358 €
3 Aug-21 Hanse 588 -28% 2018 Kastela 12 (8+4) 4+1 4 9,760 € -2,733 € 7,027 €

How to search Last minute table by Search box?

How to search Last minute table by boat model?

In the search box simply enter the model name of the yacht or the first few letters of a model that interests you. For instance, if you want to filter only charter discounts for Bavaria Cruiser 46 you can enter the full model name or just a few initial letters, eg Bav. As you type, note that the results in the table are automatically filtered. If you type only Bav, you will get all the rows in the table that contain the Bav fragment, in any row or column, ie only Bavaria yachts will remain in the table. The quote expression will filter only those rows that contain the exact match. Search is not case sensitive, whether words are in quotes or not. That means that any uppercase or lowercase character can be entered. For example Bavaria 46 and bavaria 46 will give the same result.

How to search Last minute offer by date?

This offer covers charter weeks in August 2021. Search is not case sensitive. If you want to view the offer for a specific date, enter the charter start date (must be Saturday). The format must be mmm-dd, eg: Aug-07 or aug-07.

How to search Last minute offer by charter base?

You can also search for boats by charter bases by entering the full name of the base or the first few letters in the search box. Search is not case sensitive. For example, you can enter Biograd or just Bi, but you can also enter a lowercase letter, ie biograd, or bi to list all discounted boats in the Biograd charter base.

Combined search

In the search box you can also enter the combination of boat and base, boat and the exact start date of the charter, base and date… to find the best combination and compare the results.
For example:
Bavaria Su – will give all Bavaria boats in Sukosan
Bavaria jul-31 – will give all last minute prices for all Bavaria boats in all charter bases starting the charter on Jul-31
hanse aug-14 will give the price for all Hanse boats starting the charter exactly on that date
jul bi bav - will give all last minute discounts for Bavaria in charter base Biograd with charter start date in July
hanse ka aug 14 - will give all last minute discounts for Hanse boats in Kastela with charter start date Aug – 14.

Sailboats selected from our Last minute offer

Below are just a few examples from our Last Minute sailboat offer. You can view the complete Last Minute Price List in the table above.

Hanse 588 - Last minute offer


Last Minute Offer - up to 28% off




Sailboat charter  - Get last minute offer

Last minute deal / Check boat availability / reserve now

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